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Permits and Insurance

(Insurance, Secured Bonds, Membership)

Insurance broker
Contingency Cargo Insurance of $250,000. CA funds
Contact: JĂ©rĂŽme TĂ©treault
Phone: 450-655-6751 poste 240
Web Site: www.burrowes.com
Document : Certificate

CTQ (Transport Comission of Quebec)
Membership # : 6-M-30785-I
Phone. : 514.873.6424   Toll free. : 888.461.2433
Web Site : https://www.ctq.gouv.qc.ca
Document :
Broker certificate

FHWA (Federal Highway Administration)
U.S Department of transportation
Licence : MC-365406-B
Web Site : www.fhwa.dot.gov
Document : Certificate

PFA (Pacific Financial Association Inc)
Security Bond of $75,000.00 US funds (BMC-85)
Phone : (480) 905-1818
Toll free : (877) 905-1818
fax : (480) 905-3249
Web Site : www.pac-fin.com
Document : Certificate

The above certificates is our legal authorities and additional guarantees for our base of operations.

Terms and conditions

By using our services; Customers agree to use the following terms and conditions by ABC Logistique Inc. These terms and conditions govern all shipments for which ABC Logistique Inc arranges transportation for any shipper, consignor, consignee, beneficial owner and any other party using ABC Logistique’s services. Customer ackowledges that ABC Logistique is a broker and not the actual carrier.

In the event of a claim, ABC Logistique Inc will not be held liable for any type of claims, including without limitation, cargo claims, property damage claims, or personal injury claims. Unless specified when quoting that there is a high value for your shipment, our quotes are for the transport cost only and no additional high value will be accepted once the shipment is picked up. With that being said , carriers liability is $2.00 per pound as are indicated on our rate quotes. All freight bills, including a disputed invoice must be paid, no off set or holding back of outstanding invoices will be accepted. ABC Logistique Inc, may help to produce the claim on the customers behalf but is not responsible for the payment of said claim, that will be up to the carriers insurance company. In the event that the carriers insurance company defaults on the coverage, our cargo contingency insurance will insure up to the maximum liability coverage.